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A classic Single from Von Loop Hits Just Right

If you grew up in a certain time, then you were certainly privy to some new musical soundscapes that hit the scene and one of the biggest ones during the late 90s and early 2000s was the rap-rock combination. 

Now, this wasn't always done right, but some major bands did and had tons of hits all over the radio waves.

It has been a little while since I've heard anything like that and honestly, I've certainly missed it.

A long comes Von Loop who just released a new track called "ET", and it hits that aesthetic so well that I can feel that nostalgic pull from the very first second it comes on.

The riffs are catchy and bright with a colorful tonality and an addictive spirit which the entire song boasts along with these vocals that push that envelope even further.

One of the things I love about this track is how forward moving it is and the rap flows are catchy and fast so much so that to soak it all in you have to listen to it more than once.

This is also something a lot of really good songs used to do. You would have to listen to the track three or four times to really catch everything and then you were addicted.

I missed songs like this so much and I'm honestly overjoyed to hear this release because the whole tonality and vibe is nailed all the way through the track.

Please guys have a vivacious and slightly fierce attack mode during this track, and it still feels welcoming and positive because it comes through with this pop undertone that still boasts an edginess to it and that combination hits hard but feels good at the same time.

This was a soiree of heavy rock with animated rap flows delivered by vocals that really just hit right in the pocket and add to the deep groove that the track gives off in the first place.

The whole track has a wonderful punch to it and the energy is completely unstoppable which is one of the biggest reasons why this track works so well.

The whole thing is electrified, and the rest and guitar tones give off these righteous melodic hooks which is cool because those are as memorable as some of the vocal parts are, and it has also been a long time since I've heard some really good musical hooks especially in heavy rock.

These guys broke down the boundaries and walls when creating this track and just did what they wanted to do because it felt good to do it which is heavily evident when you listen to the song.

Everyone here is having an absolute blast, and that vibe and feel is completely infectious, so you come out of the song feeling a bit rejuvenated in a way.

This is one of those tracks that, if it were released back in the day, I would get the tape and rewind it and play it a hundred times so I can learn all the words.

It just feels good to hear a band pull this off and let those influences come through so that the song just completely thrives from the first minute to the last.

A really boisterous and robust single from Von Loop it's all the sweet spots and more.

Dig into this one as soon as you possibly can and turn it nice and loud because it feels good that way.


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