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A Classic Single from Douglas Coleman

A single release from Douglas Coleman dishes out a lush and honest classic rock undertone that borders on the air of a live performance delivered with color and energy that come together to boast a certain kind of character and persona that you end up wanting more of by the end of the song.

There's Something about "Give Something (To Me)" that stands out and feels like it is coming from someplace real and genuine which gives the song so much more authenticity and also Builds on that character I mentioned earlier.

The song hits certain nostalgic sweet spots in a way and it feels like the kind of song that you could hear playing on the radio for years now but it also feels like the kind of song that could have served as part of the soundtrack to a certain chapter in your own life and that is something that doesn't come through all that often so when it does it's very refreshing.

The guitar work on this track is outstanding and it features some great lead sections, hooks, and some slide guitar, but all in all it's this energy and robust soundscape that gets put out there that you end up getting attached to.

The chorus on this track is super memorable and really has a way of sticking around in your head for a very long time after the song is ended and one of the only ways to say she ate that is to listen to it again which in my opinion is just smart songwriting, but I feel like Douglas does this naturally and this is just how he writes music.

This track also has a certain kind of warmth to it that gives it a cinematic backbone and a strange way like you could certainly see it in the scene of a film for example and that has to do with that honesty and little bit of emotional drive that the song delivers.

Vocally the song is perfectly approached with some great backing harmonies that feel old school and I love that crossover of songwriting that he brings in.

You can sort of hear these different influences and errors of rock music that are in the mix during the course of the song, and I really like how he has such a bright and colorful approach to the song as a whole because it has the sense of being alive and breathing in its own way.

You can clearly tell that Douglas Coleman is a seasoned musician who's been writing songs for quite a long time and something like this came together with such a forward moving flow that you can't really turn away from it.

One of my favorite aspects of this whole track is certainly that guitar work because it's so well done, not overboard but done tastefully and the performances have a heart to them. 

You can tell that he might have been a guitar player first and foremost.

Maybe that's how it all started for Douglas. Perhaps he's one of those people who just picked up a guitar one day and never put it down.

Well, I'm certainly happy if that's the case but either way, this track definitely gives me the vibes of certain kinds of music that I miss, and it's done with a wonderful piece of his personality which he probably puts in all of his music.

This track certainly speaks volumes for the artist and upon listening to it I took it upon myself to take a little bit of a deep dive into his previous releases which I'm certainly happy about because, he's been dropping music on Spotify for a long time and certain albums date back to 1997 but all of them have a little bit of a different vibe and show a different side of his personality and himself as an artist and songwriter as well.

I would check this track out first and then take a swim through some of his back catalog because it's well worth your time.

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