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A Classic and Warm Indie-rock Single from Wild Sundays

A new single release from Wild Sundays delivers a classic sort of '90s contemporary and indie rock undertone but it does so with a little bit of extra edginess and tons of character that you end up just letting wrap around you.

"Going Nowhere" has a beautiful sentiment to it and feels good to listen to as it brings together a live performance atmosphere like the players are feeding off of each other the entire time and this gives a certain aesthetic, but the song is just built wonderfully and consists of a range of lush instrumentation and this percussion, this drumming that gives the song that 90s indie rock undertone.

The song ends up coming together with synthesized string sections that fill the ether of the track, and along with clean and electric guitar giving that rock tonality but more experimentally, this track has an atmosphere that's all its own and it feels good to fall right into it.

You get these classic indie rock vocals both male and female harmonizing and giving this almost Pixies vibe at times.

It's these things that make the song a little bit nostalgic for me and I completely adore a track that feeds off of these kinds of influences but puts out their own character at the same time.

The choruses are the lushest part of course and the most memorable as well because you have a more expansive and vast tonality with those between the vocals harmonizing and floating along, since swimming through the background, and all kinds of other instruments that are coming into play it all feels big.

However, having said that I love the way they do the verses because it is more stripped down with just one instrument, vocals, and drums, and that in itself lets those courses come in big when they happen.

You can tell there was some definite attention paid when it arranges this track but even with the intricacies and the build, the way it's composed and arranged, it still never loses this persona that it begins with and that's the most important part of the entire thing to me.

This is like a love song in a way and it's about being with someone that you love being with and it doesn't matter if you're going nowhere with them as long as you are with them.

I adore that sentiment and the way it comes through on the track with such authenticity.

This song was delivered with all the aesthetics of bands that I grew up with to an extent in my teenage years but in a very particular way.

This underground indie rock thing that was happening during that time was beautiful and bands like the Pixies, The Kills, and all that stuff, it was like the lifeblood of rock.

I find it warming and welcoming to hear a band that pulls us off so well that you know it's like a love letter to those influences.

Plus it's a beautiful song that was performed with some heart and what more can you ask for when it comes to a really good indie rock love song?

Nothing. That's the answer in case you were wondering.

Take a listen to this track when you get a chance and do it with headphones on because it's one of the best ways to listen to it if you ask me.

I'm definitely looking forward to whatever else Wild Sundays has to offer and I hope it's soon.

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