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A Classic Alt-Pop Rock Single from Cold Culture

A new single from Cold Culture hits a semi-cinematic and almost anthemic pop-rock soundscape and does so with a thick and lush persona and character that really has a way of pulling you right in from the get-go.

"Sleepless Nights" was certainly bred from a level of honesty that was tapped into and it feels like this track was even cathartic to a certain point for the songwriters involved.

This track hits that almost late 90s and early 2000s alternative and pop-rock vibe because it's got color, but it balances that with a perfect edginess, and you even hear elements of pop-punk in there and more which is all rolled into this one song.

One of my favorite aspects about this track is the energy that's portrayed on it because you get the vibe of a live performance at certain parts and it's like everyone in the band is feeding off of each other's energies which is brilliant in terms of the sound of the track itself and makes you want to see this performed alive right in your face as well.

As I mentioned earlier, there are these hints of old-school alt-rock involved and for me, that hits a little bit of a nostalgic tone so the song came across feeling like it could have served as the soundtrack to part of a certain chapter in my own life and that kind of connection for me is amazing.

The guitar tones are amazing throughout the track and the way it's arranged is well done but even though you can tell there was attention to detail during the creation of it, it's that heart that it has and that character that you can't let go of.

This is something I adore because you don't get it all the time so when you hear it you know something is authentic and genuine and it takes a little bit of an effect on you. It leaves its mark.

There are things about this song that end up bouncing around in your brain for hours or sometimes even days after the song has ended and the only way to satiate that is to go back and listen again.

 I really love the sort of youthful cry out that this song keeps to, and that aesthetic is portrayed with a subtle intensity at times.

This was catchy, it had heart, it was coming from some place real, and it was performed with a great and vivacious sort of energy which all have a way of complimenting each other throughout the song.

I grew up listening to a lot of bands similar to this and these guys know how to nail that feel down and write a song that comes through with a little bit of impact to it so in the end it feels like it was written just for you in a way.

I'm hearing a little bit of bands like Saves the Day in the vocals at times which I totally dig, and they just come through with a great dynamic balance between that emotional drive and that edginess.

There's also a balance between a positive and a negative or I should say, a light and a darkness but that's all part of that emotional drive I mentioned earlier.

This was a killer single and from here on out I will be paying attention to Cold Culture to see what else they release next.

This track is an 8 eight out of 10.

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