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A Brutal and Thriving EP from Your Last Breath

A new EP release from Your Last Breath delivers a righteous and hard-hitting blend of hardcore, melodic metal, thrash, and death metal all rolled into one gigantic record that comes through with an incredible sonic drive and fierceness from beginning to end.

The Burn the Earth EP wastes absolutely no time hitting you with fiery riffs that bring on a trudging but sharp tonality so the whole soundscape of the record has a thickness that rumbles the ground beneath your feet but also a tightness in the band that delivers insane riffs and progressions.

The combination of these two things gives you an EP that hits like a sucker punch to the gut and it feels good.

The guitar tone alone is enough drive to give this record a thriving and vivacious approach, but the drumming is perfect as it comes through with such incredible precision and still breathes life into the record.

There are definitely more than a few surprises around the corners of this record and the energy levels are through the roof.

It almost feels like these guys track this in a live setting and everyone involved is sort of feeding off of each other.

I love the production feel and approach of this release as well because it makes things very polished and crisp while still remaining incredibly heavy and aggressive.

All kinds of melodic breakdowns and choruses happen throughout the record, so you get this great blend of super hardcore and death metal style feels at times that really do thrash with intensity as well with singing instead of screaming.

Meanwhile, during the verses a lot of the time you get that classic east coast hardcore scream giving that grueling and edgy tonality to the record.

This in itself is also an amazing combination and lets you get an idea of the kind of influences that each band member actually has and how each of them brings those influences on the pallet of what the record has become.

This indeed is a metal record but brings in subgenres that even hit alternative rock if you ask me.

One of the biggest things that this record has is heart. Yes, I said it.

Here's the thing, people that don't listen to metal or punk, industrial music or even alternative rock really don't understand the kind of musicianship that it takes to be able to pull this kind of stuff off.

This record for example showcases outstanding levels of musicianship and also shows a band that has a real love for their craft.

Not just playing their instruments per se but writing songs together because it feels good.

This is the kind of band that you hear one single song, and you immediately wish that you can go see them live so they can thrash out in your face.

That kind of energy is completely infectious, and it never lets up throughout the EP.

Listening to this record from beginning to end is the only way to do it.

If you listen to one or two tracks, then you're not really getting the range of what the record has to offer or really is.

It's so much fun to hear those different influences come into play at different parts of different songs and how those progressions, Arrangements, compositions, and surprises really help create a bit of a vastness and expansive metal approach.

All in all this was a completely brutal record that was done with attention to detail, but without losing its character or persona.

A killer release from a killer band that I will personally be paying a lot more attention to from here on out.

Take a deep dive into this EP as soon as you get a chance and do not be afraid to turn it up because the louder it goes, the better it seems to sound.

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