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A Brilliant EP from Since 2000

An EP release from Since 2000 has a very unique way of combining and bending genres at free will by utilizing energy pop synth soundscape, taking R&B elements, and adding in heavy rock sections while keeping the synth and keys as the main hook a lot of the time, and vocally, it also combines a smooth and aggressive set of approaches making this whole thing so outside the box that you don't exactly know what to expect next other than that it's going to be good.

The eyes for you EP features everything from spacious and vast undertones to catchy synth licks to guitar solos that rip, and everything just gives the record such a lush and electric Sonic presence that it's impossible not to pay 100% attention to it all.

This is such a brilliant approach to composition and blending textures together to make things sound so full-bodied that I'm not sure I've heard anything quite like it before.

The great thing about it is that everything is so catchy as well and their drive is unbelievable with every song.

These are the kinds of songs that you actually sort of wonder how on Earth they came to fruition from wherever they started.

This is just because there are so many layers of things going on in such a great combination of natural and digital instrumentation that you'd think it might be really difficult to pull off but with these guys, it feels like it's just second nature.

Songs burst into heaviness when you least expect it and it works so well to the point where all these different elements actually complement each other incredibly well.

This release gives you a lot to grab onto and each of these three songs feels like a single on its own but listening to the EP from start to finish is a lot better because then you get that full blend of styles.

There's a lot of attention to detail going on during the creation of this record but it never loses that actual emotional drive that it was born from in the first place and that bears a ton of persona that you end up wanting more of at the end.

This was a bit more than clever production tricks. This was a well-thought-out and intricately built set of songs that boast an energy that has a vivacious effect to it.

I definitely enjoy the fact that all of these songs come from someplace real and are authentic in terms of lyrical approach and you can tell that they all have messages and meaning behind them so for me, this was a little bit of the best of a few different worlds because you get a punch, all that edginess comes in with that have the guitar tone, and you also get the smoothness of R&B and pop, the sonic texture of synthesizers and keys, and the crunch of alternative rock flowing through the veins of everything but you also get songs that have a heart and that is something in combination with everything else, that is kind of rare.

Honestly, this is kind of a brilliantly put-together record, and as long as you like music that packs a punch and has Soul, then this is definitely for you.

The cool thing is it reaches so many different musical styles that there is something for everyone here.

I feel like this is the future of where music is going and Since 2000 is a little ahead of the game.

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