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A Brand-New Banger from Scared of Sharks

A new single release from Scared of Sharks delivers a bright and vivacious pop-rock soundscape with elements of grunge and a sonic tonality that's driving but colorful at the same time, so you have a bit of a garage rock swagger throughout the whole thing, and it's riddled with character from beginning to end.

"Stumble" comes through with a sort of thrashing live energy approach and it hits hard where it wants to with this fuzz-tone guitar sound giving off little hints of feedback here and there which also adds to that classic '90s grunge feel as well, but at a point it feels like everyone's feeding off of each other at the same time so maybe it was recorded in a live setting.

Even if not, hearing the song makes you want to go see them perform alive because it's captured such a great energy on record which is something that's kind of rare these days.

I definitely dig the chorus of this track because it does have that sort of 90s radio rock vibe to it but it also has an underground rock aesthetic as well and those two things seem to complement each other throughout the song.

The vocal approach is awesome because it's so upfront and right in your face and this helps when the choruses come around because when the song is over those are the things that end up sticking in your head for hours after the song is ended and the only way to satiate that is to go and listen to the song again.

One of my favorite parts about this track is this kind of bridge before the very last course that happens and that gives off this crazy fun surf rock part and the guitars have a different kind of twang to them for just that one little section and I love that addition into the track because it breaks it up perfectly and it adds a different layer of texture to the whole thing.

This was a banger of a track and that spirited approach is completely addictive so I would suggest you listen to this one nice and Loud even the first time around because it's super fun that way.

 Upon listening to this track I took a little bit of a dive through some of their back catalog and they do have a few other singles that are amazing, and those show more of that beach and surf aesthetic than this track does.

I feel like this track is a great step forward for this band it speaks volumes for how they write their songs and deliver such a great and driving sonic presence on record.

This was a super infectious and fun track that serves well for anyone who loves alternative, serve, grunge, or even pop rock.

Check this track out as soon as you can and then go back and listen to some of their other singles because it's also super worth your time.

Be ready to have some fun.

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