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A Beautifully Lush New EP from Leuras

A recent EP release from Leuras comes through with a lush and pop undertone soundscape and the form of indie rock songs but they all have this drifting and flowing effect to the point where they feel dreamy and certain aspects, and this lets the songs have a beautiful atmosphere that you're able to float alongside.

The South Van Ness EP bears a wonderful honesty which is one of my favorite aspects about the whole thing and the songs have a wonderful way of almost serving as chapters in the artist's life.

Some of these songs even feel like they may have been cathartic for the artist to write and release but for the listener, some of these songs can be very relatable and also vivid in the way that she describes certain things, but either way, you get this great sense of emotional drive that the songs were built from.

There are more than a few surprises around the corners of this record and a lot of personality and character which is one of my favorite things about the whole release because that's what you get attached to. You end up really loving the character that's displayed and just put out there for the world throughout this record.

Leuras certainly has a wondrous way of wearing her heart on her sleeves but it's also about how she puts together these songs and how they're built because they have this vastness in their undertone, and this is what lets them come through a little bit dreamy.

You have guitars that give off different tones but usually have this great sort of reverb effect on them along with other sounds that let the instrument sort of drip and flow, but this is all part of why the songs have a sort of alive and breathing feeling to them as well.

These songs are full-bodied, and they each have a different way of growing in intensity at times along with its musical growth instrument-wise and this is something that ends up giving the songs a sort of swelling or swaying feel.

Each of these tracks has a little bit of a different persona, as well as a little bit of a different vibe, and textural atmosphere.

This is one of those records where you have to listen to it as a whole otherwise you won't really be getting a grasp on the full spectrum of what the EP has to offer.

These are pieces of the artist and it's not all the time that you get a record where you're getting pieces like this, so you'll gain a lot by listening to the record from beginning to end.

I'm sure you have the 20 minutes to do so.

These songs are beautiful, and they show charisma, bravery, honesty, personality, and a pure love for what she does which all come through with shining colors on this record.

I feel like Leuras is an artist who is in her zone or her happy place if you will in the studio recording her songs just being free and you can pick up on that when you listen to the record.

This is a release that's still catchy and has pop overtone to it a lot of the time, but it has its own way and built with fewer boundaries than the norm which is something I adore.

These songs have a way of floating around in the air that surrounds you so that you can just get washed away with the soundscape of everything.

A beautiful record that you should listen to with headphones on if you ask me.

Check this out as soon as you can, you certainly won't regret it.

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