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A Beautifully Honest Single from East Collectors

Are you single from East Collectors gives off a very lush and cinematic feel but with that comes an honesty that gives the song a robust and memorable character a warmth and contemporary backbone.

"Wonder Why" has the air of something alive and breathing because the song has these wonderful sort of subtle waves of sways that come in and out and it also builds musically as it goes on bringing in some new instrumentation which is something I absolutely adore about the song because when it starts off, it gives off a bit more of a stripped down acoustic guitar and vocals, singer-songwriter approach but as the song plays on it starts to build into more of a contemporary pop feel and this brings in new instruments that float through the songs either giving it that cinematic backbone I mentioned earlier.

The thing that really grabs you about this track is its honesty and the heart of it all because not only is it relatable for pretty much everyone, but it also must have been cathartic to write and release because it has such a personal premise.

The way this track comes through makes it feel almost like it could have served as part of the soundtrack to a chapter in your own life and that is quite a beautiful connection to make with any kind of song.

It is very easy to get engulfed in this track and eventually washed away with its soundscape but all in all, it's done gracefully and with a genuine approach that makes you know that it came from some place real.

These are the kinds of things you look for especially with music like this and this single is a perfect example of a track that makes you think and makes you feel which is something we need more of in music in general.

The song has the ability to cause memories of your own to pop into your head at random and the way the music flows lets the whole song sort of swim around in the air that surrounds you.

By the time you get towards the end of the track you realize that you've sort of escaped into it a little bit and forgotten about your surroundings and your own reality just for a moment.

Songs like this one, that take you away, are wonderful to have because we need that sort of thing now and then and it's up to art to give that to us.

This was quite a gorgeous track and the collaboration between East Collectors and Liva Dongsgaard helped really make it work smoothly and I think it's brilliant when a song like this comes from vision to a reality.

Whoever was responsible for the mix of the track also did an amazing job as the song has a perfect build and a very balanced dynamic that still shows attention to detail but never lets it lose the heart that it began with in the first place which may be the most important aspect of the whole thing.

A gorgeous track that you should listen to with headphones on because it's one of the best ways to soak it in, check out "Wonder Why" when you get a chance, you won't soon regret it.

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