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A beautiful Release from Courtney Jean

A beautiful new single release from Courtney Jean gets very personal and descriptive lyrically so that you're able to paint pictures in your head and get a complete understanding of where she's coming from emotionally along with such lush character and cinematic backbone, the song has a wonderful way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

One of the things that gets me about "Eyelash" is how it builds in a certain way emotionally, and intensity but it all comes through with such a deepening and soulful performance while the music thrives around the vocals, and you end up having these notes that float through the songs ether and the whole song feels like it's just swimming around in the air that's around you.

The song is gorgeous and the further in you go, the fuller body it gets and the more emotional it becomes for the listener which is something I find to be quite a rarity but, through it all, it never loses that character that it began with and so what you got attached to in the first-place sticks with you.

The track has an acoustic guitar backbone but as I said, as the song plays on you get these additional notes that float around along with vocals that are used just as instruments as well and those also add such massive atmosphere to the song but it's done in such a subtle way and it's pushed so far in the background that it takes a minute to pick up on it.

Before you know it drums come into play, vocal harmonies start happening, and she does this thing where in that second verse, she recorded two takes, and one of them is used as a sort of bounce off from the main vocal as well as used as a way to do a harmony with the main vocal takes which adds this layer to the song without bringing another instrument into the mix.

The way the track is arranged is quite brilliant because it starts a little bit more stripped down in the beginning and then it builds to this big impactful and cinematic tonality, and then by the end of the song, sort of exhales back to the stripped down vocal and guitar again so it brings you back into what the songs actually about and this gives the track this strange sense of closure which is such a smart way to end the song.

This is the type of song that makes you think and feel and that in general is enough for you to want to listen to this track because it's very rare that you find a song that makes you think of your person or makes memories of your own pop into your head at random, but this song certainly has that ability.

I think we all need music that does make you feel or think, or both for them matter.

This song takes you away from your surroundings and puts you into a different place because it tells a story, and the story is relatable and performed with a grace and presence that you can't look away from.

This single was beautiful from start to finish as I said in the very first sentence, and I've listened to the track four times now and each time not only do I pick up on little, tiny things that I missed before, but the song still kept the same heavy impact that it did the first time I heard it.

Listen to this song with headphones on.

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