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A beautiful and Honest New Release from Sherise

A new single release from Sherise brings a colorful pop flare and the undertone of both samba and dance-pop that all come together with this lush approach and character that you end up getting connected with right off the bat and the way the song unfolds gives off a lot of honesty and that is something that makes the song so much more authentic.

"Your Little Bird" has an amazing array of instrumentation involved and comes through with an impactful soundscape and passionate delivery especially vocally but it's the energy that reaches out and grabs you because the track is alive and breathing and with it comes in electric energy that makes it feel almost like you just watched a live performance after you listen to the song.

This is something you don't get often so when you do get it, it's refreshing, and this track really has a way of getting under your skin and the best ways possible.

You can tell this track certainly came from real-life experience and with that honesty comes a piece of a personality, and for an artist to be able to give that in a track with so much flare and fire behind it is a beautiful thing.

This single is endlessly fun and danceable and even goes off on these sorts of jam sections and key solos that all make it vaster and more genuine.

This song will certainly make you move and if you're driving, you'll be shaking your butt and your seat, you can dance around your living room to it, but most of all you end up singing along with it by the end of the track.

One of my favorite things about it is the fact that it's got musical hooks which is something I've missed in different kinds of genres altogether but a lot of times of course, you focus on the hook vocally or the chorus for example, but you don't always get musical hooks performed by instruments and this track provides that and that is one of the things that sticks in your head for hours after the song has ended right alongside that chorus.

This was bright but serious and real, it showed charisma, persona, beautiful energy, and this robust soundscape provided by lush instrumentation that all comes together to create an atmosphere that you fall right into immediately.

There was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this track and I can tell you that because there are so many layers of instruments coming together, but throughout it all it never loses that soul or that character it starts with, and this may be the most important part of the whole thing.

The song is completely addictive and hits all the sweet spots that a song like this should and more but most of all it does it with a certain kind of charm that speaks volumes for Sherise and her presence as an artist and performer.

I love a song that's both impactful and danceable at the same time and blends a certain amount of character and color with a little bit of edginess like this one does.

She doesn't hold much back here so the song is created and built with fewer boundaries than you may be used to, but that's a great thing.

Take a listen to this track when you get a chance and turn it up because you won't be sorry you did.

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