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A Banger of An Album from Dan Jones and The Squids

In album release from Dan Jones and the Squids delivers a punk undertone and attitude but also blends elements of righteous classic rock, hard rock, and even some grunge that all come together to create one massive record and it's all delivered with a lush and lovable character that makes the songs colorful and edgy at the same time.

The Rock and Roll Daydreams album is riddled with ferocious riffs and addictive warmth that all come through with an energy that gives the air of a live performance where all the players are just feeding off of each other and this in turn, makes you want to see the whole thing performed live in your face because if the energy can be captured on record this well, then seeing them live must just be outstanding.

At times I even felt like some of the songs were recorded live on the floor.

This record is filled with high octane and blistering guitar work along with drumming that gives off great time signatures and classic punk rock tonality throughout a lot of the record and when that's not happening you get these sorts of 90s radio rock tracks and classic rock bangers that have massive hooks and chorus is that you can sing right along with from the first time around.

Even those tracks have a great edginess to them, and they mostly incorporate little sections here and there that still have a punk rock influence behind them and give this hard-hitting impact.

The whole thing is just a great combination of rock undertones and styles, and it all comes together with such a forward-moving flow that the record is very confluent.

There are so many tracks that work as singles here but this is one of those albums that you listen to from beginning to end because if you don't, you're not getting the full spectrum of what this actually has to offer.

There are songs on the record including the title track, that really have a great way of sticking in your head for hours or even days after the song is ended and this is clearly one of those bands that have an outstanding time doing what they do and have a pure love for their craft.

When I say that I don't just mean they love playing guitar or singing, playing drums, or playing bass, but I mean is, they love putting together crazy rock and roll songs and catchy singles that have a fire behind them and that's their release.

Instrumentation and it's very rare to come across a record that has this level of gusto and vibrancy to it along with having this sort of classic aesthetic that's completely nailed the entire time and an energy that's unstoppable from start to finish.

One of the things I love about this whole thing is the base tone at times because even that has a greediness to it that adds more drive to these tracks that already have incredibly excitable electric energy to them.

This record delivered a massive sonic presence and character that ended up being super fun, danceable, packed with charisma, and personality, and everything about it is like an ode to rock and roll in general but then, that might just be the point.

Pop this record on and turn it up because you won't be disappointed especially if you're a rock lover of almost any kind.

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