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You Me & The Dogs Delivers A Refreshing Pop SIngle

A new single from You Me & The Dogs takes on the form of a youthful and soul riddled experience with a crips and memorable set of hooks to go along with a sort of cinematic undertone and drive that makes the song breed its own atmosphere.

"Habits" has a way of finding its path into the parts of your memory that you may have forgotten about with this slightly nostalgic feeling it gives off. Perhaps its that honesty in the lyrics or the ambient and swelling backbone the song boasts.

Either way this track definitely has the ability to cause those memories to just pop up and its because the song has a relatability and touches on these slightly 90's tones with, those keys and synths involved.

It all comes together to build something that comes across with passion and heart but also with this bright pop vibe that becomes something you get addicted to by the end of it.

It's fun to let yourself get washed away with the soundscape of this one and those choruses get stuck in your head for days. Even if the words don't, that melody certainly doesn't go anywhere.

The track has a current style and songwriting approach but that mixture of classic sounds in there really helps it come back with that character.

And that's the thing. The single has a lot of character and presence to it. You get the feeling this would be great to see live in front of you. You also get those cinematic vibes too. Like the song is something you may have heard in a show or film at some point.

There is this almost beautiful familiarity to it while it remains a bit refreshing.

The music is lush and full-bodied especially during those choruses and you will end up shaking your butt in your seat or dancing around the living room. This is the type of song that becomes a bit of a singalong after the first listen.

Quite a fun and truthful single delivered with some genuine heart and a clear love for the craft in every note.

"Habits" is more than worth your time.

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