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Wil Yarbrough Sings About Heartbreak with "Take IT slow"

A new single release from Wil Yarbrough gives off an anthemic classic rock feel fused with a folk undertone that creates and addicting and swooning sound that can wash you away with it's tones.

"Take It Slow" is a vibrant and laid back power ballad that brings influence of titans like The Who, Pink Floyd, and even touches of Elton John to the table and takes into todays world.

The single has a wonderfully heartfelt message and is a passionate and catchy song complete with floating guitar sections and an ambient undertone.

Piano slams in the background and acoustic guitars drive the track while vocals sing in soothing harmony and lyrically focuses on heartbreak and getting over someone.

The track has a great cinematic vibe to it and seems to build in intensity as it plays on.

This is a very well put together song that will grab a hold of you and hold tight.

It's clear this artist uses his own life experience to write songs and that's part of hey this one is so good.

There is a ton of character and life in this song and we can only hope to be hearing more of the same from Yarbrough soon enough.

But for now, "Take It Slow" will certainly do.

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