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Heidi Savoie Releases a Gorgeous Single

Updated: Apr 25

A beautiful new single release from Heidi Savoie delivers a classic and cinematic warmth that has a way of filling you up and making you feel whole again with this sort of peaceful approach and a soundscape that comes through lush with character.

"Almost May" is a piece of music that has a natural and forward moving flow to it and while it all unravels it has a way of wrapping itself around you and it sort of feels like a hug from a loved one which is something I adore about it.

This is a jazz piece, but it lends a hand to a singer songwriter aspect as well, especially piano-wise.

Heidi teamed up with Cole Canaday on this track and it certainly feels like a beautiful combination and a smart collaboration indeed as they seem to work together naturally.

This track has beautiful piano work throughout its course, and it is a wondrous escape as it has the ability to pull you away from your surroundings and put you in a different place altogether.

Along with the piano work, which is outstanding, you have some gorgeous and full body to string sections along with some violin that has a bit of a solo approach to it and all of them had these layers to the track that as a whole, builds an atmosphere you can fall right into and eventually just get washed away with the whole soundscape of everything.

I love a song that lets you forget about where you are and what you're doing and it sounds like this that really triggers memories and thoughts to roll through your head at random, and those kinds of connections are rare these days so when you come across it, it's very refreshing.

This was a very relaxing piece of music, and you can tell it came from someplace genuine and it has this authenticity to it that comes through and lets Heidi shine as an artist and a performer especially.

You can hear this almost classical undertone with certain parts of the track and Heidi as a pianist, and a composer is indeed bringing some of her classical training into the mix.

You can hear these different influences in this one piece of music, and I love that.

Heidi is a pianist and vocalist along with being a composer, based out of Toronto and she takes some of that classical training and jazz influence and puts those two elements together which is something that helps create this unique warmth.

It's been quite some time since I heard a song that feels this welcoming to me.

Aside from the whole classical training thing, she really adds her own personality to her music, and I think that may be the thing that you end up getting really attached to but it's also something that paints a picture musically so when you listen to the song you can visualize certain things.

The things that you actually visualize and see are different for each person, but it will definitely cause this to happen, and I love that about this song.

I want music that makes you feel or think. Music that causes those kinds of thoughts or memories, visualizations, or even stories to go through your head while you're listening to them.

This was beautifully performed and executed with a lot of heart and this wonderful flow that just feels good to listen to.

I suggest you check this out when you get a chance and do so with headphones because it's one of the best ways to soak it in if you ask me.

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