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WierdyDayz Ramps Up To Release A New Single

An upcoming single release from Weirdydayz brings a high impact and sonically driving cross of genres touching on hip hop, R&B, indie pop, and so much more all rolled up into one lush and edgy track that comes through packed with character.

"Left Behind" has a sort of brutal honesty to it that feels incredibly genuine and also very relatable to the point where maybe this was even cathartic for the artist to drop because these are the kinds of things some people think about when they're struggling with their inner self but not everyone can articulate that into words and express it properly.

This is why I think artists like this have the upper hand. They can take those inner emotions, thoughts, and feelings, and bring them to the forefront and into the light through their music but the thing that hits even harder than that is the fact that to the listener it is relatable and understandable, and they might not feel alone in their own struggle after listening.

I love this aspect about it and alongside that of course there's outstanding production that combines color and edginess to create an atmosphere that works perfectly for the sentiment of the song itself.

This track is a quick banger that's just over two minutes there's actually a lot to soak in because the synths and keys across the track are outstanding and the way that they're laid in, allows the song to build giving it the feeling of being alive and breathing in a way.

This was a little bit more intense than I expected but I enjoyed that feeling because songs that make you think, and feel are the ones that matter.

The track blends different genres and uses some great production to push the envelope ever so slightly so that you take notice of that however, it's the lyrical content that connects with you.

Everything about this track was done tastefully but also gave an end product that was outside the box and forward moving.

This is certainly the kind of artist that you want to end up paying attention to because the music written comes from someplace real and ends up being emotionally driven a lot of the time.

This is the cause of the best art created.

It doesn't matter what the art form is. To create something that makes a difference, that speaks volumes, that stands out, and that has a message, it has to come from someplace real and this track is a perfect example of exactly that.

The arrangement is well done and again, allows the song to build with all the elements involved from the keys to the beats, to the vocals.

This song grows into something, and you end up getting attached to that character that it gives off as well which is maybe even more important than anything else.

You relate to that persona from the get-go and the track ends up being a bit impactful and stays with you for hours or even days after the song has ended.

"Left Behind" is set to release a little bit later this year but there's plenty to catch right now from Weirdydayz so I would suggest checking some of that out when you can.

You won't soon regret it.

And make sure you keep an eye out for this track.

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