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We The Sun Delivers a Banger of an EP

A new EP release from We The Sun delivers a somewhat classic almost late 90s underground alternative rock tonality and it's done with a hell of a punch and just the right attitude to give the whole aesthetic the right feel.

The anxious/Faceless EP is bursting with this particular character that kind of draws you in right in the get-go, but the record also boasts these blistering riffs and supermassive sonic presence tone-wise on those guitars that really deliver this massiveness.

The whole record gives you these super memorable choruses and vocal sections while the drums pound super tight but also give the songs this drive that pushes the envelope.

What it is about this record that gets you so attracted to it is that energy because it's almost like it's recorded live on the floor with the players just feeding off of each other the entire time, so the songs feel alive and breathing in their own way.

Even if I'm wrong about that which I probably am, the record makes you want to see these guys live just because if the energy is captured like this on record then seeing them live must be insane.

These guys deliver this certain kind of nostalgia for me and they don't put up walls or boundaries when they are doing their thing which is something else that I like so there are surprises around the corners of the EP and that's an incredible attribute.

What's crazy is that as heavy as the songs can be they all have that catching is to them especially in the hooks and the choruses but also a lot of the times just in the refs and the way that the vocals are delivered.

These songs take with you for hours or even days after they've ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to the record again so to me that's just really smart songwriting however, I think these guys just write this way.

Such a great balance of color and edginess, heaviness and progressive approaches, and everyone is really on the same page, especially energy-wise.

You can tell these guys have a real love for their craft and when I say that I don't mean playing the guitar or singing for example, I mean the craft of songwriting together to create something that has a memorable impact to it and hits the right way.

Some of these songs have heavy emotional drive but the whole record has a lot of heart, and you can hear that with every note played and that's part of what you really get attached to aside from like I said earlier, the whole character in Persona of the record as well.

And this is an interesting point to make because a lot of records these days don't have that level of actual character to them.

There are elements about this record that make me feel like the songs are interconnected in different ways, and so it's almost like a concept record.

Again, I didn't make the record so I could be wrong about that but this is the type of record that you can listen to one or two songs off of and get a good feel for the band and their vibe, but listening to the whole EP from beginning to end is the proper way to soak it in this way you're not missing anything.

This was a killer release from a band that I'm going to be paying attention to from here on out and if you are into classical alternative rock and heavier melodic tones, then this band is absolutely 100% for you.

I'm going to give this a 9 out of 10 hands down.

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