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Vampire Rodeo – Nightmares and Nursery Rhymes

Denver-based psycho-billy and rockabilly band Vampire Rodeo consists of Lisa (vocals), Bret Gretsch (Fender guitars), Devin (stand up and electric bass) and Brad (drums/ percussion). Their latest Nightmares and Nursery Rhymes is a fun-loving romp, filled with great character antics in the vocals and moody instruments that sound absolutely great together. The band’s music reminded me of times of the Disney ride, Haunted Mansion, and I couldn’t help but imagine myself on that ride laughing and having a good time and trying not to get too spooked. All in all, this album was a fun-filled adventure filled to the brim with some great moments.

Nightmares and Nursery Rhymes begins with “They are coming to get you Barbara,” where the music comes right out of the gates with an energized vibe. The band’s performance is top-notch, filled with horns and tons of percussion. What an introduction this proved to be! Up next is “My Lincoln,” where some rumbling bass lines enter the sounds alongside some drumming beats and percussion. The vocals are imbued with tons of character here. The music itself was rambunctious. I thought this was a fun-filled romp through the rockabilly genres. Seamlessly “Bats$!t Crazy” comes in with some great vibes. I enjoyed the humor that the band infused in this track. The horns were also great and I liked the energy the band throws into this song.

“Debbie Does Decaf” reminded me of a lot of the music to come from the ’50s and ‘60s. There was a happening doo-wop approach to the music that I thought was great. This was another fun-loving number. “We All Float Down Here” had a retro flavor which reminded me of music to come from the ‘70s. The combined vocal harmonies sounded very dynamic. The horns, keys and percussion were also great additions here. Some psychedelic guitars made for an invigorating sound on “Chupacabra.” I enjoyed this dive into garage and psych rock genres. The blast of energy from Lisa’s vocals was great. This was another dance-worthy track filled from top to bottom with a fun-loving vibe.

On the title track “Nightmares and Nursery Rhymes,” the song is filled with tons of spooky and moody vibes. The vocals enter the sound with great character antics. The eerie notes and haunting vibes made for a good listening experience. Off to a sauntering start, “Riverdale Road” comes in with a meandering approach. Lisa belts out the lyrics with gusto. The slow burning energy sounded great. Some psychedelic guitars enter the sounds for a surf and garage rock sound. The gritty male lead vocals were definitely revved. I couldn’t get enough of this moody and fun-filled track which the band choses to close the album with.

I loved just how dance-worthy these tunes were. The vocals which were belted out with such gusto and the revved instrumentals all came together to create a type of ambience that I’m sure will get you moving in no time. The wit, the humor and the absolute driven energy of this record was a blast from beginning to end. I definitely recommend this to those of you who are looking for something fun to listen to!

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