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Thea Lissi asks herself why with a new single

Thea Lissi is back with a new single that reaches into her more subtle and relaxed vibes with a smooth and lush R&B track that boasts hooks where you least expect to find them and even touches on a bit of retro-pop hiding just beneath the surface.

"Why Do I" is a like a message to herself in a way. Sometimes we don't know why we do things to ourselves. It's like when you're alone and focusing on the wrong things. It soon begins to take over your thoughts and effect you as a person.

It's amazing what we can do if we get our minds in the right place. Easier said then done.

Lissi delves into asking herself why. Why does she do that to herself sometimes.

It's best to try and look forward instead of back. Thinking about what we could've done differently rarely has a good outcome or ending.

For Lissi, these things are part of her struggle at times and so she does what she knows. She writes a song that let's her ask her self why.

Don't we all wish we could write a song to ourselves like that?

We've said it before and we'll say it again. No matter what we get from Thea Lissi. R&B, Pop, up beat, ballad, inspirational, or heartbreak, it's always how honest and open she is with her words.

She just isn't afraid.

Or maybe she is but not in song.

Either way this is why everyone gets so addicted to her music. It's like the songs were written for you. You can relate to them on a deeper level. And you kind of get the understanding that you're not really alone in thinking the things you do.

Maybe that's what it's about for her. Maybe it's about letting others understand they are just human like her.

This was a beautiful song and as always, a striking performance from Lissi.

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