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THe Youthful and Vibrant Pop Of Bri McKay

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

The latest from Bri McKay brings a bright and colorful pop sound with lush synths and a retro undertone accompanied by gorgeous and vibrant vocals.

"No Words" is an absolute pop banger that serves as a youthful anthem complete with personal lyrics and layers of harmonies and hooks that have you singing along quickly.

The single feels like something you'd hear in a TV show or film and it showcases a youthful songwriters ability to write graceful music with tons of pop sensibility and with a massive set of pipes to back it up.

This track is served up on a wonderful palette of textured sounds and tons of energy that just makes the track breathe and feel alive.

This was danceable, sing-albe, and pure fun. Fans of radio pop will love this.

"No Words" is the latest in a string of singles released starting last year and each one has a different feel to bring to the table but all hold true to her staple sounds.

McKay writes and performs with different flavors and if you love one song, you're bound to love them all for sure.

These sound like you've heard them somewhere on the radio before. They have a great sheen and polish that brings the artist up with some of the titans of pop.

She writes with a freedom that just feels good. These song you crank up loud and sing with as you drive along.

Those touches of classic retro-pop peek through and it really works.

Dive into "No Words" and then go check out the rest of Bri McKay's library of songs. You won't be disappointed.

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