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The Wonderful Pop Of Nora Tirell

A recent single released by Nora Tirrell is a very touching and compassionate one that feels like something that comes from someplace within her as an artist and she takes the very one-on-one, personal approach and turns it into a song that you can feel from but without losing a pop sensibility.

From time to time, you hear a song that hits you in a different way maybe because the lyrics feel more personal to you and you might be able to relate to it on a higher level than some others but when something like that happens the song becomes very memorable, and it bears more meaning than the normal single would.

Nora's new track is dubbed "Parts of You", and it is clearly based on someone she has lost in one way shape or form.

This is imperative because you can clearly see a young artist using her music as a way to cope with things or to deal with certain kinds of struggles and this is exactly what artists are supposed to be doing.

I don't think there would be much art without struggle.

Even so, it takes a lot to be able to take that feeling and that emotion and turn it into something from nothing.

The artist does an excellent job of expressing herself and laying everything out on the table for all to hear the way she wants them to hear it.

Again, the song has that great pop Sensibility but is never over the top and is dynamically balanced very well.

There's a lot of times when I'm in the mood to hear songs hold that strong or impactful meaning to me and this is because in that moment, I want to feel something.

This single does an amazing job of delivering exactly what I needed when I needed it.

This is a really good song and if you're the type of person that wants to hear songs that have that realness to it, this one's for you.

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