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The WaRm and Nostalgic Feels Of Maddox Jones

A charming and bright new pop release from Maddox Jones spans several sub-genres that all seem to mend together with a gorgeous and seamless energy with songs built from full bodied and cinematic singles that all have a way of coming through heartwarming and danceable.

The Believe It album is powerful and feels warming and welcoming with fresh and crisp beats, memorable vocal hooks, and synths that lay out some killer hooks to go along with the vocal choruses.

The songs range in terms of ups and downs, emotional drives and straight bangers but it's all got this particular approach to it that becomes a staple for Jones.

Most songs seem to recount past experiences, and some can feel nostalgic as they make you think on time sin your own life that you can relate to. So, there are so many songs on this record that you can connect with on levels you didn't really expect which is really nice.

There is a subtle but evident character that shines through during the course of the album that in the end, makes you feel almost like you've become friends with Jones.

Like you know him as a person. This is a part of why this all works so well. Going back to that charm. He's got it and that part of the character is addictive.

This one has tons of elements that touch on retro-pop from melodies, to beats and percussion and he manages to spin it all into a current platform and refreshes it.

This was a wonderful and touching release from a passionate and intelligent songwriter and performer.

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