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The Vivacious Music Of Tobin Rock

In his latest release, Tobin Rock creates a stylish indie rock track with attitude and a character that paves the path for himself in the rock arena.

The bass and drum driven "Cruel" is a powerhouse and with colorful pop rock feel, it grabs you and pulls you in right from the get go.

Loads of bending guitars riddled across the atmosphere of the track along with it's hard rock progression and bright sonic sound all make the song the more fun.

You can literally hear how much of a good time this track must have been to make. It's a danceable and energized song with a hooky chorus and just the right level of grit.

You may find yourself out of your chair and rocking out with this one before you realize it.

This radio ready banger isn't the first for Tobin Rock as "Cruel" is just one of a string of singles released throughout 2020 and they all have that punch to the gut element to them. Vivacious and dripping with that same almost punk rock attitude.

These tracks are great to get you going at the start for your day for sure.

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