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The Transits Release A Pop-Rock Hit

If you're not too familiar with The Transits as of now then let us be among the first to introduce you to the band and their new single that just dropped called "Renegade Hearts" because if you were I'm looking for some vivacious pop rock then this band, and this track are definitely for you.

The song features some great keys and outstanding drumming that all and deliver something already impactful but thrives into a blast of a chorus that rocks out with heart and a little bit of youthful gusto that makes this outlandishly addictive and endlessly fun.

These guys know how to write a hook that sticks with you and the production of the whole thing has this wonderful polish to it that even beckons cinematic tonality at times and lets you get a grasp of their presence as a band which is definitely gripping.

There is a lot that feels somewhat personal about this track and it gives us a little bit of relatability and a hint of introspective subtleties that make everything feel good and real.

There's something so old-school about this song like you've heard it before or like it's been on the radio for a few years now even though it hasn't quite yet.

It calls to your younger days and that energy and life is pulsing through the veins of the song loud and clear which is a big part of why it holds this certain kind of warmth.

In a way it feels like it was meant for you and only you which is amazing.

This singles by no means cookie cutter as it blends such cool subgenres together to make something that's powerful and still vibrant, alive, and breathing.

There's certainly a lot to love about the single and can't wait for more from The Transits.

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