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The Thrashing Intensity Of Suicide Wave

A single release from Suicide Wave brings out a vivacious and furious thrash grunge-style approach that hits with a heavy-handed sucker punch to the gut and comes through with loads of character and as much color as there is edginess.

"Fang Beach" hits the ground running with this amazingly balanced but gritty bass tone home that helps the song gain a lot of its drive and from there it branches out into this bombastic and heavy blitzkrieg of in-your-face rocking.

This has elements of punk rock in its underbelly and the whole thing it's like whiplash that ends at just under a minute and 40 seconds so by the time it's over you have to kind of shake it off and play it again.

This track has a lot of persona and a lot of attitude but what really gets me about it is that particular energy that they portray on the track because it's almost as if they recorded this live on the floor and I think it feels that way because it's almost like the players are just feeding off of each other's energies the entire time which is brilliant.

Even if I'm wrong about that aspect, it still makes you want to go see them live just because if they can get this kind of energy on a recording then seeing them live must be a real face-melter and that's exactly what you'd expect from a band like this one.

You'd want to have your face melted and these guys have the ability to do so, even on this track itself just the tonality of it and sonic presence is so intense that you kind of don't know what just hit you.

The vocals are awesome because during the verses there's a lot of screaming and then when the chorus comes up you get this melodic but powerful and huge feel which is not really what you'd expect.

I expected some more screaming during the chorus but the way that they pull it off is actually perfect fit for the song and it gives it this great dynamic balance.

Amazingly, they can pack so much into such a short time and that's part of what brings me back to that true punk rock undertone that they have.

The song does feel a little longer than it is because of the way it's arranged and because it's so high-octane and high impact.

Upon listening to this track, I took a little bit of a dive into their back catalog on Spotify and what I found was that this track is part of an EP with another song called "Metacurse" which comes through 100% absolutely destructive.

This is a band that can deliver the aesthetic that they aimed for and with such a vigorous portrayal of energy which is about 1/2 of the attraction to this approach.

These guys thrash with a purpose and I can't wait for whatever they put out next because I know it's going to be crazy in all the best ways.

This is for people who love alternative rock, grunge, thrash rock, metal, punk rock and so much more because they cover all these bases literally within two or three songs.

I'm going to give this an 8 out of 10 hands down.

I love listening to a record that makes you want to go see the band live.

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