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The Spring Verdict Returns WIth a New Single

We are no strangers to The Spring Verdict and have had the pleasure of hearing some previous material from the project in the past which is why it's no surprise that the newest release, a single called "Sunburnt" is a familiar feel but with some steps in new directions.

This project is a one-man band and the multi-instrumentalist and producer has made it pretty evident that he loves being in the studio doing his thing.

What we've noticed from the new single is not only that it's incredibly catchy but it still incorporates the staple feel of what the project is all about which is crossing a heavily indie pop-oriented approach and twisting it in with elements that make it a little bit more edgy than the norm.

Now, anything that's outside the norm is something that is always a bit more interesting to listen to and this project has always been on that level.

With this single, you still get all those great indie pop elements, especially in the vocals and the production, but you also get added guitars that give the song a little bit more fullness and a little bit more drive as well and I think that was a really smart move because it works like a charm.

One of the other aspects of this song that I really got into was the lyrics being pretty upfront and definitely honest which is something that you definitely don't always get with well, most genres aside from singer-songwriter or folk.

So, it was really cool to hear came from someplace authentic because you know there was a little more to it from when it began.

The production here is really well done, crisp, and clean, but still has those experimental aspects vocally and instrumental as well.

I think part of what music is moving into is being able to create with fewer boundaries around you which is something that this project has done from its beginnings as far as I can tell.

Being able to create a song that has catchiness and hooks in it but also reaches outside what you might expect to hear is somewhat refreshing.

This is definitely for people that love a brighter indie pop sound that can border on rock but still shows lots of color and shine.

We look forward to hearing more.

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