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The Rustic and Honest Folk Of Tarras

Tarras has released an outstanding and beautifully performed and woven single that really digs up a wonderful and rustic form of singer songwriter and folk.

"We Come Alive" is absolutely delightful, cinematic and bursting with a certain tonality that lets the song breathe and become alive.

This song gets you deep down and hits that something that makes you yearn for more.

It's southern charm and soul grabs from the get go as acoustic guitars pull you in and slide guitars float in the song's atmosphere sitting alongside the vocals that are all true to that real deal whole hearted picture painting, story telling style of songwriting.

This single breeds honesty and in a tastefully descriptive manner and with a gorgeous array of textured sounds that fade in and out of each other like paints on a canvas.

Harmonica blends with guitars and the full band kicks in. Percussion makes itself evident and the backing vocals start rolling in as everything starts to feel more up swing.

It is a very connective song both musically and lyrically and it's got a ton of heart just oozing from everywhere.

The music video is touching and showcases a little of the depth the song actually boasts.

This was a wonderful single and video and it surely places Tarras as a band that is paving their way in the music world quite clearly and with a great fire.

We suggest digging into this straight away.


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