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The Rock Sounds Of I've Tried Sleeping

I've Tried Sleeping is a project that was born from the mind of a man who's been taken over by rock music since he was a kid and guess shows. The band comes at you with some full-fledged rock powerhouse guitars and tiny bits of looseness that makes it that much more fun to listen to.

A new drop under the same name just happened and it for sure has the right tones and rhythms to get you moving.

Songs that are most notable are tacks like "Hard Hitting Rock" which shows as the most played single and for good reason.

There is also "Flying High Anyway" which has a progressive sound and builds super well into an uplifting style.

There is quite a good amount of lead guitar solo scattered throughout the album and it's all tasteful and exciting.

This entire record has something for all levels of rock lovers out there. It gets hard and heavy, and it lightens up, it tells stories, and it floats away into the atmosphere.

"With earlier recordings, I never successfully captured a tune that legitimately rocked. I did capture "frantic" and "chaotic". And a number of tracks that you'd categorize under "rock" and "played at rocking", but certainly nothing that face-melted or head-banged on its own merit. There are moments on this record that truly do rock (like the end of BUILD SOMETHING GOLDEN).” - I've Tried Sleeping

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