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The Powerful Southern Rock Of Huma Bird

The latest release from Huma Bird is a massive and soulfully driven southern rock record that boasts all kinds of outstanding guitar work and gives off a genuine classic rock undertone that feels welcoming and warming.

The Share the Ride album is packed with songs that feel like you've been listening to them on the radio for years or even decades. The album has that authentic feel and aesthetic that comes from the vocals and guitar tones specifically.

The drumming on this record is perfect and alive, it helps the songs really have that drive and breathe. The bass lines are killer and walk when they need to. The organs are a massive part of this record, and they really do an amazing job of filling the air with layered textures.

Having said all that, the guitar work on this album is just crazy. It's huge and shredding with heart and soul but again, the whole band shreds with heart and soul.

There isn't a single track on this record that doesn't give off that classic rock southern soulful sway.

It just feels good to crank and you will find yourself wanting to sing along, air guitar, get up and shake your ass. All of it.

For any and all classic rock lovers out there, if you want that genuine feeling. Pure Rock N' Roll, then this album is for you indeed.

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