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The Passionate And Vivid Music Of Lisa Mitts

A beautifully woven and performed new single from Lisa Mitts comes through with a cinematic backbone as she paints a vivid picture with her words while wonderful sets of instrumentation swims around you in the form of distanced guitars piano, and more. All spinning graceful melodies sometimes in the background giving the song added atmosphere.

"End of the Empire" has a ton of anthemic and impactful attributes and is seemingly always building up to the next chorus as the song grows more intense and Mitts lays down gorgeous vocals that almost haunt while her main set sticks to the forefront performed with passion.

This song has tons of heart but that's part of her staple feel and sound.

Lisa Mitts tells stories and does it with a gracefulness and presence that becomes quickly infectious.

There is also this classic rock undertone that you can hear as guitars drift in and out and she sings with that energy and gusto.

The wonderful thing about Mitts is that you'll find yourself digging for more after you've heard this track, and there is more. A ton of it actually.

Mitts has releases dating back to 2009 on her Spotify and everything has something a little different to bring to the table but she always has that passion and always sets a certain character in her performances and storytelling.

There are more than a few hidden gems in her catalog and they're all great for a playlist addition at the least.

"End of the Empire" has an amazing approach and the aesthetic she is going for is completely nailed.

This single has a great mature songwriting style but is done with a youthful feel and it's that heart that shines through that makes it so addictive.

We suggest starting with this one, and then checking out the rest from there. You won't be sorry you did.

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