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The Old Revival Returns With A Rock Anthem

The Old Revival returns to give us a descriptive and catchy rock song that borders on punk with a huge sound and a warm feeling you get from a song that makes you think or remember things you may have forgotten.

"When This Thing Ends" has that something that gives you that feeling of reminiscing and a sense of nostalgia comes right along with it.

Pianos slam with its rocked out chorus that gives off that beautifully anthemic power and it's bright and almost theatrical style is addicting.

Like most releases from The Old Revival, the single comes with a message and a meaning. The band writes songs that come from real places and churns out rock bangers with the emotion those places come with.

As the band themselves proclaim, "It’s a little pissed off, a little about how you see yourself in a broken world, and a little hopeful. I think we‘ve all felt that way, and I hope it’s a song people can sing along to not only on their bad days but the good ones too."

They couldn't be more right. This is a perfect song to sing along to and it would be surprising if you weren't doing just that by the second or third chorus.

Of course this is nothing new for The Old Revival. We've had the pleasure of reviewing some earlier material from the band and it's all been pretty special stuff.

The Old Revival releases rock with heart and that's important as anything in music.

That's why you feel the drive and energy these guys put out there.

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