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The Old Revival Is Back with a killer new single

The Old Revival is back in action with a new release called "Brittle Bone" and it hits all the hard rock sweet spots with a blistering energy and bright attitude to go along with radio friendly changes and hooks all over the damn place.

The single beckons a southern rock undertone with some badass riffs that are performed with passion and style just as the vocals are.

There is tons of swagger on this track and it comes through with a powerful punch for sure.

The chorus hits hard and gets stuck with you forever as guitars ring out and vocals give some unique changes all the way into a massive acoustic break down with string sections that bursts into anthemic heaviness with major melodic feels.

These guys never let us down and "Brittle Bones" is a next level song for the band and an outstanding direction in the evolution of their sound all around.

Drums destroy and everything is just so epic all the way until the end.

Killer new song from The Old Revival. Are we surprised? Not at all.

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