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The Music Of Jonathon Goldie

If you are not too familiar with songwriter and artist Jonathon Goldie, then it's about time you got introduced as his latest singles give tastes of some in depth songwriting styles that combine a few different elements and really show that the artist has created his own staples.

One of the newer singles called "Root" hands over a clean pop and singer songwriter feel with layered vocals that hint at the emotional platform that the song may have been built from.

This track has a bit of its own flavor but also has the feeling of something vaguely Familiar which is good because this means that whatever influences the artist has been feeding from his whole life are coming through in his music.

Another recent single dubbed "Alone" has a little bit more of a jive to it and comes off a little bit more danceable and upswing while still letting the artist utilize his bendy vocal style which again, is one of his staples.

This track in particular bears a little bit more experimental aspects which is a touch more vibrant and the arrangement and composition something that kind of gets stuck on you.

It's also great to hear these acoustic guitars with synthesizers that float around it because it makes a cool ether for the song.

All in all, these are a sort of dreamy Progressive pop and singer-songwriter mixture which is part of what makes everything as unique as it actually is.

If you like either of these two songs, there's some other singles released that you would most likely also dig which includes a full album called Blind!

This is a pretty big record, but it's got some style to it for sure and you can sort of see where he's growing.

Check out Jonathon Goldie when you can, you won't regret it.

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