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The Massive Rock Sounds Of Kingston Kane

Kingston Kane released a full-length album that has a way of rattling your brain with deep and fuzz toned sonic sound waves in the form of heavy alt-rock but with tinges of classic rock influence all over it.

The In Red album is riddled with incredibly genuine, deepening, and bendy riffs with are coated with this beautiful distortion and vocals that are massive and almost operatic at times.

This is a desert rock pinnacle, and it brings such a glorious array of surprises and textures, trotting rhythms and danceable heaviness that it's almost intimidating.

This record is massive and cinematic, intricate and precise but loose and fun, it's got soul and it's super tight.

The presence of this band is crazy, and it follows you around for days on end.

Just like those riffs do most of the time. They get stuck in your head. It's a little progressive but it's got so much genuine energy that it's super tasteful.

The guitar work in general is beyond. There are acoustic ballad style tracks that tell stories and paint pictures with a vivid palette vocally and lyrically.

These songs can be very theatrical in aq way. It's like picking up a good book with a vast story that takes you to other places all together.

Thes songs have just awe inspiring drumming and the whole band just falls together like butter.

It feels effortless even. Maybe it is for these guys.

This record is for literally anyone that loves alternative, desert, classic, or hard rock of all decades.

Kingston Kane covers it all.

Plus this really makes you want to see them live. Maybe they're performing. I'm gonna find out.

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