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The Lush And Edgy Sounds Of Be The Ghost

A single release from Be The Ghost takes some classic synth-rock elements and brings them into an industrial tonality and creates an atmosphere oozing with a sort of cyberpunk swagger and allure.

"A Ghost of You" comes through with a tasteful edginess and honesty that both slam together making things more and more intense as the track plays on.

The release is riddled with layered textured that fell both warming and with a touch of a coldness and with an energy that never lets up for one second.

The synth-laden single is accompanied by vocals that are melodic and portrayed with tons of character and passion.

The song has this feel to it that lets you just sort of get engulfed by the sound but also has this great pop undertone to it that ends up being super catchy.

The song is super danceable and has a heavy groove.

All the outstanding sounds melting into each other and doing it with this sort of sharpness really sounds quite cool and not to mention there is this guitar solo section that's just outrageous.

It's all got this impactful soundscape that hits pretty hard.

When it's over you have to kind of snap yourself out of it to come back to reality.

The coolest thing is that it makes you want more. It's sort of infectious. So, you go hunting and delightfully find a series of singles released from 2020 up to now that all have something a little different to bring to the table.

Be The Ghost is clearly doing things his way and it's working damn well.

Take a dive into this single and then, we suggest checking out the rest of his catalog.

Even though they differ a bit. If you love one song, you're bound to love them all honestly.

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