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The LP From Deadnside Nails Electonic Soundscape

An LP release from Deadnside it's a flurry of classic and fresh electronic vibes and does so by blending an edginess and color to create a certain kind of atmosphere that wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to.

The self-titled album features an array of both high energy and high-octane house and techno tracks that beckon classics from the mid-90s and early 2000s but also brings into play a bit of vastness and a bit of atmosphere that you can really get attached to quite quickly.

One of my favorite aspects about this record is the way that it takes those almost vintage synths and tones, keys and Beats and brings them into this cinematic and current light.

It's really quite beautifully done, and this is the kind of stuff that people don't realize takes so much of a thought process to be able to lay everything out the way you want it to sound.

This takes patience and knowing your sounds and textures because that's one of the biggest aspects to releasing music like this.

The electronic genre, DJing, and producing for example, is something that people don't really understand how it works if they're not embedded in that scene.

There is a lot of patience involved and a lot of sitting there and finding the right sounds to work with in the track.

This is the perfect example of exactly that because you can tell there was a lot of attention to detail and intricacies throughout the creation process of this release and that's part of what makes it so involving and so alluring.

You get these almost cinematic backbones and each track has its own way of almost telling a story which I find very intriguing and it gives the songs a certain level of class.

Most of all, these are fun, danceable, and they all provide you with these grooves that you just can't escape.

If you're sitting in the car your butt's going to start shaking in the seat and your head is going to start bobbing right off the bat.

If you have plenty of tracks that stand on their own two feet as singles throughout the course of this record but this is the kind of release that you want to listen to from beginning to end so that you can have a good time with it and really soak it in.

If you do it this way, listen from start to finish, then you get an experience more than anything else.

I think that's one of the best parts about electronic, EDM, techno, synthwave, and everything else electronic because press for example, that you get such visuals from the audio itself.

It lets you build your own images almost like reading a good book or so when you listen to this album in full, you get to escape your own reality and go into a different world for a little while and that feels good to do.

Doesn't matter who you are. being able to escape with music, with an album, is a beautiful thing and I think that's what a lot of music is meant to do.

Whether or not that was the purpose of this record, it still provides that.

This was a killer release that honed in on aspects of dance, pop, and so much more from different periods and wrapped it all up into one big record.

I would suggest checking this out as soon as you can and if you're into any kind of house, electronic, EDM, or dance-pop, then you're going to love this because it rings all the bells and hits all the right sweet spots.

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