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The Long Play Delivers Some Real Deal Classic Rock WIth major Hooks

The Long Play released an addictive rock single called "Embarcadero" and it's got a classic rock aesthetic and a youthful gusto that creates a polished and edgy sonic sound that gets you hooked straight away.

The single is complete with a powerful arena rock feel , lead guitar hooks, and an almost punk rock bass tone along with classic belting vocals that give you the feeling that you';ve maybe even heard the song somewhere before.

There are elements of Kiss, Queen, and plenty more influenced in the track and it all comes bleeding through with a passionate performance and a bright sound.

You can obviously hear how much these guys love doing what they do as the track has loads of heart and just sounds fun to have created.

It's certainly fun to listen to and you can dance to it as well. As a matter of fact, you probably will as the song is enticing in just that way.

This is a real deal classic rock track that's been takin into today's world and is done with a certain gracefulness that works to nail the aesthetic.

It sounds like a Summer song. It gives that freeing feeling and feels good to listen to. You have to love that about a song when it works.

The song is released along side others like "American Dreams (Bullets On The Byway)" which also rocks super well and gives a cinematic tone and some outstanding riffs and emotion.

These guys can write catchy rock songs and we suggest you start with "Embarcadero".

The Long Play is also ramping up to drop another single coming soon so keep you eyes open for that too.

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