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The Jess Novak Band Breaks Through genre Boundaries with "Standing Now"

The Jess Novak Band has recently released a 6 track EP that incorporates contemporary pop, jazz, singer songwriter, and more all rolled into one alluring and sweet record.

The Standing Now EP is a soiree of gorgeous songwriting with soulful performances all with colorful variety of instrumentation.

Songs at times feel like they were written in the mid 70's and get down with the funk. The fun thing is the mending of genres within each song that really pushes the envelope a bit. Fiddles, horns, and more all rock in true funk style and this band holds nothing back so you get killer guitar solos, (as well as fiddle solos) hard hitting percussion and a danceable good time.

That's a big part of the attraction of this record; the energy and good time you have listening to it.

You also never really know what's next since the EP is full of surprises. Ballads roll into high octane, get off your ass and get down songs, to epic anthemic tracks that really have a cinematic power behind them.

Somehow, Novak and her band of seasoned and tasteful musicians make it all work near flawlessly.

With Novak herself at the forefront laying out passionate and moving performances, this record is hard to forget.

As a solo artist Jess Novak as an array of amazing material to check out as well and it's literally all worth your time to say the least.

Do yourself a favor and dig into Standing Now by The Jess Novak band. It'll be one of the best things you do all day.

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