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The Hybris Crush It With The Music, Vol.1 Album

The Hybris have a new record simply called Music, Vol.1 and it completely hits the mark with high octane hard rock and alternative songs that feature some powerful vocals that harmonize and span the distance of the song in the background until the hooks come in and really just explode with a driving force.

Songs on the album show some incredible and experimental guitar work that also gives a hard hitting but distanced and huge tone.

This album has a very melodically based feel and though the songs can be heavier at times, they are always oriented in the pop genre underneath it all but with these bursts of righteous riffs and excited rhythms.

You get classic bopping Uk style punk rock styles and all kinds of changes that go from guitars to piano and the lyrics almost always tell these stories that you can actually picture as the words come.

This record is actually quite powerful and can bring with it an impact and certain gracefulness a lot of the time as the songs change from an emotional subtle softness to a rocker within seconds.

You can easily tell the band is going to be great in a live setting and they portray so much presence and energy in the form of hooks that get stuck with you for ages.

So, you do get a full-bodied array of rock settings and tones throughout the play through of this album and it comes with tons of sick riffs and jump up and down rhythms with drums that just destroy and make the songs so pivotal.

Bang your heads and sing along with The Hybris.

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