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The Horn Arrives With a Dreamy New Single

A brand-new single drop from The Horn brings us a refreshing and honest dreamy soundscape with a pop undertone filled with swelling synth pads and acoustic guitars that accompany melodic and deep noted vocals that when brought all together create this atmosphere you just get washed away with.

"Always Late" floats around and snares roll with ghost notes wile electric guitars creep in and give the song a sort of early 90's alt-pop tone.

This all feels slightly nostalgic but also current, smooth, and drifting. And it can put you in a drift as well. You find yourself wading in the waters of this single and loving it.

It takes you away for a bit. Like an escape. And it's quick also. It comes and goes fast, and you want to play it again.

It feels like they wrote this one together and it just felt right so they built on it.

The progression is soothing and the song itself is totally calming in its own way.

It also has this kind of emotional almost sullen undertone. So, you're always late for anything and everything. Could be worse.

But that's the vibe. It's really such a graceful song and a colorful release with some layers that melt into each other super well. It all feels natural. Like the song was meant to be.

This was quite a wonderful single and had just these little touches of edginess here and there but in the form of sounding cool. Not aggressive.

It's a fresh and clean single with its own texture and it feels great to listen to with headphones.

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