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The Heavy Rock World of Samiah

If you are anything like me and are on the hunt for really good alternative rock and metal on a normal basis then let me be one of the first to introduce you to Samiah.

The sound is that of alternative metal that sticks to a really big feel and it works very well as everything manages to hit these radio-friendly but still hard-hitting vibes.

The record seems inspired by a multitude of heavy subgenres and all of them are used and incorporated within the new EP release dubbed the Flower and the Serpent.

Perhaps one of the best things about this EP is how heavy it gets while vocally everything is so passionate and empowering, honest and laid out with soul.

The release is somewhat of a new level for the band.

"We've evolved a lot! In fact, I still think I’ve got room for more evolution. When I originally started, everything sounded a tad too soft instrumentally for me. I hated it. So, I asked for some ideas on how to accomplish a more sonically “metal” sound from other bands that we toured with. (a special thanks to Bullet To The Heart) they were so kind and I soaked in their advice. We ended up scrapping the original version of our EP and rebuilding the songs from the ground up with a completely different tone. As we shifted to a heavier sound, the guys and I had to create more space for my voice in the songs. Personally, I wish I was the nastiest of screamers and that my voice could carry through anything, but I had to accept that it’s kind of soft and pretty. Despite that, I think I was able to use it to my advantage. We ended up accomplishing a very cool balance of pretty and heavy." Samiah

For fans of heavy music with style and heart.

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