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The Goddamn Regret Brings a classic crooner style to indie-pop

The Goddamn Regret has a fresh new track out called "Guess I'll Be Fine" and it breathes with cinematic tones and emotionally driven ambience.

The intro to the single creeps in slowly and swells into a haunting and makes way for the songs indie-pop R&B cross over style.

Jazz undertones and edgy vocals set the stage for a raw lyrical approach and a classic crooner voice.

The song is relaxing and eerie at the same time as horns and flowing guitars take part in the songs build.

Vocally "Guess I'll Be Fine" brings to mind John Legend, and Mike Patten along with others to mend in the songs entirely genre melding essence.

There is even a floating, dreamy aspect to it that makes you begin to think as the track takes you deeper into its center.

This is it's own thing and that's what The Goddamn Regret does. You get taken away into whatever world your meant to float into.

"Guess I'll Be Fine" is a killer follow up to the previously released "Every Piece Of Her" EP dropped earlier this year.

We suggest you check out the whole catalog.

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Juan Cruz
Juan Cruz
Dec 05, 2020

I love this band! Miss seeing them live. If you want more groovy tunes, check out their songs “Ain’t She Cool” and “Farewell”

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