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The Fun, Honest, Gritty, Smart, and Danceable Songs of Microcosms

The latest from Microcosms is a badass garage punk rock with vibrant fuzztone colors flying from end to end as attitude and swagger riddled vocals spew character to the trashy and danceable (also moshable) music that just creates massive soundwaves of sonic bliss.

The Flytrap EP is packed to the brim with a vibrant and alive set of songs that make you want to sing along as much as it makes you want to bang your head. Maybe even lash out at your parents.

It's incredibly fun, blistering rock music that has little to no filtration and incorporates everything front gunge to alt rock and everything in between all composed with a righteous and epic tonality that's enough to make the ground shake beneath your feet.

This was a damn good time from start to finfish even with the hints of aggression that undertone certain tracks. For the most part this stuff was excitable and enough to make you want more and more.

These guys know how to have a fun doing their thing and the songs all have these crazy hooks that are really damn good. So, it's great to hear songs like this and the way they build and are woven are very smart.

You can tell Microcosms would be so good to see live. Face melting and endless sonic vastness that cuts through you.

There are songs on this record that are actually quite personal, and the struggle turned into song which really works for them.

This is the punk rock part of them.

Catchy, gritty, dirty, honest, real, fun, danceable, moshable, smart thrash rock that has tons of catchiness.

Color us impressed. This was awesome!

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