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The fresh cut sounds of producer leonard Elijah

A few new singles released feature producer Leonard Elijah and waste no time showcasing the unique an imaginative approach and flavor the man puts forth in his work.

The most recent is a freestyle track performed by Jonnie Malone that displays a particular energy and balance that has a strange way of grabbing at you. "Levitate" boasts a cross between a new and old school style and comes with bending notes and an upswing feel that works perfectly for Malone's vocals and flow.

Both Elijah and Malone were really in sync on this song, and it feels like a match made in heaven which it just might have been, only upon listening to the second single released did I understand that Elijah just has a natural understanding for the artists he works with and likely creates beats and productions that call for that same unique approach.

Leonard Elijah absolutely has a focus that allows him to build and create music that gains your attention within the first few seconds, and this does wonders for the artists on the tracks as well.

That second single is called "More Stuntin'" and it has a much more cinematic flow to it that keeps to an ambient groove and brings out more current percussion and instrumentation and samples that combine together to make something that has its own atmosphere.

"More Stuntin'" features John X Smith who gives the song a nice sheen and attitude as the track grows and becomes vast and slightly haunting as swelling synth pads fill the space and key melodies hit up close.

The tracks let the artists do their thing and it gives them that extra charm they need to come through with heavy swag.

Elijah put together singles that convey character and give to the artists and this is more of what we need in this genre right now.

Leonard Shemtob aka Leonard Elijah gained his producer chops studying some of the greats. His tenacity, persistence and passion helped him to develop a unique sound. Routed in spirituality and decades of music curation you can find him on his blog at www.

You can hear these two new singles on his Spotify playlist.

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