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The Flowing Pop World Of crab

A new album release from crab gives off layers of rock-oriented soundscapes and textures that mend together to create an atmosphere that you can sort of swim through at free will and as you do you soak in this mass amount of character and persona that this record delivers, and it all feels amazing.

The self-titled album feels almost like a concept record as songs intertwined with each other and serve almost like chapters in a book that you're reading which makes this record an amazing escape.

You get elements of indie rock, indie pop, dream pop, and a progressive alternative tone that really all let the record breathe and feel alive as you delve deeper into it.

These songs take you to different places and if you listen to the record the full way through which is exactly the way you're supposed to listen to it, then you're able to forget about your own reality for a moment in time and step into a different one which feels great.

There are not many records that give you this level of escapism, color, edginess, and outside the box song writing that just feels freeing.

And that's the thing about this release. It has this thing about it that makes you feel like these songs were for you and for you alone. Like this record at some point was the soundtrack of a certain chapter of your own life and because of all that you feel connected to everything really quickly.

There are layers to be peeled back across the span of this record and you could clearly tell that this is done by a group of people that have a absolute love for their craft because that shows with every note played and every second passed.

The whole record is graceful and beautiful even the songs that rock out more and throughout all the vastness and edge, it never loses this certain persona and certain heart that it starts with and that's really important.

This is less an album and more inexperience and there are some songs that stand out as singles of course, but you're definitely supposed to listen to this record from start to finish because if you do, then you're getting the full understanding and the full picture.

This release has a vibe to it and unless you listen to the whole thing you won't get the full meaning of everything.

These songs are personal and they mean something to somebody, this much is obvious so through it all there's a certain story to be told both lyrically and musically.

This is one of the more Lush and full-bodied, cinematically driving, and alive and breathing releases that I've heard in a very long time and it was absolutely refreshing.

I love a record where you don't really know what to expect next except that it's going to be good. It's going to be part of the story. It's going to make you think or feel.

No matter what the genre of music, we need more music that does that.

So definitely check this record out when you can with headphones on so that you can soak it in from beginning to end and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Take a deep dive through this release and swim through everything until you get to the end of it all.

Saying it's more than worth your time as an understatement.

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