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The Fantastical Synth-pop And Indie-tronica Sounds Of ARADIA

One of the most recent single releases from ARADIA blends in new and old school pop and synth tones to bring an atmosphere together that's all its own and in doing so she breathes such a colorful and charismatic life into pop music.

"Slow Yer Roll" is invasively addicting and really lets the artist shine in terms of her presence and ability to create these lush soundscapes with keys and vocals.

I think what's really appealing here is her whole attitude and approach towards creating her music and giving off these fantastical vibes while keeping things incredibly positive and being able to spread a certain kind of message in such a way that delivers impact.

Her songs are not really forgettable because she has such an imaginative creativity that she's able to spend into her music and when you hear her tracks it's best to just jump along for the ride and it feels good to do so.

Her music really showcases her youthful vigor and ability to deliver commercially viable sounds that still have their own persona attached to them.

These songs have character and a lot of them come from personal spaces that she must feel she needs to get off of her chest and the way she knows how to do that is through her songs.

This combination makes for some of the best music but also some of the best art in general.

She has a very unique way of just putting herself out there and saying here I am, like it or not.

That attitude and the character that she portrays in her songs is what makes her music so incredibly addictive.

She has been releasing a string of singles for the past few years at least and each one definitely has their own character and gives you a little bit of a different side to her as an artist and as a person.

A lot of these singles have now been put on an album called ARADIA - THE SINGLES.

This is something all artists should be doing in terms of delivering good music.

She's able to let pieces of herself into the music so the listener can become more attached and feel like they know her a little bit better in the end and that really works here.

On top of that, she's able to put together these incredibly creative videos for her music that all catch the eye right from the get-go and keep you there just like the songs do.

A lot of these tracks have a way of wrapping themselves around you and letting you feel those vibes she's giving off.

Being able to create a musical vibe that's infectious and lasts throughout the day is not an easy thing to accomplish but ARADIA pulls this off without a hitch and on top of that she does it in a charming way.

This artist has an absolute knack for being able to utilize an almost vintage synth-pop undertone to her advantage by spinning it into new school terms so that it's really viable for everybody.

This is music for all sexes, ages, and races and we need a lot more of this right now.

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