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The Failers give a genuine classic rock vibe with their new EP

The Failers recently released a killer EP that delves into an array of nearly perfeced classic rock that all borers on an alternative and even country rock undertone at times.

Tha Slacks EP is absolutely loaded with some heavy handed hooks that quickly become sing alongs with your hands in the air.

This record is made up of some genuine licks and that real deal classic rock aesthetic is absolutely nailed from start to finish.

It's easy to fall into grooves and songs sound like they can be part of a film soundtrack as vocals hit with melodies that stick with you hours later and the band lights everything up with massive presence.

The release has the feel of seeing a band perform live on stage. It's got that warmth and almost nostalgic style vibe that feels like you had a The Failers patch on your jean jacket in high school.

Songs do hit that country, rolling snare, southern soul tonalty at times especially with therecords final track "Lorelie" which really swings but still keeps true to its edgy rock undertone.

This EP has a ton of energy and swagger and it all comes together enough to create a certain atmosphere that really shines and lets the band do thier thing.

Riffs are memorable, choruses are singable, and the whole band sounds like a seasoned set of musicians that know exactly what they are doing.

There is plenty to sink your theeth into with the Slacks EP and we sugges you take a good bite.

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