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The Edgy Prog-Rock Sounds of Neronia

A fresh album release from Neronia has a way of bringing a new feel to a few different styles of alt-rock with a progressive and ambient undertone, the record boasts a unique energy and a soundscape that takes a classic rock feel and brings it into today's playing field with synths, edgy tones, and a smooth approach.

The On Through the Night album is massive and its space rock touches on a retro-pop style that blends into these vast guitar sounds, and you get that metal style lurking just beneath the surface as the album plays out.

The release is a lot to soak in and its best done at home with a pair of headphones on and about an hour to kill. This is because this record is a borderline concept album that tells stories int the form of rock bangers and its lush and full-bodied from start to finish.

It's been sometime since you've heard anything quite like this record and it feels amazing to really dive into it headfirst. There are layers and powerful gems that leave an impact.

The guitar work on the release is outstanding and between solos, riffs and harmonies lining the songs it all feels so shiny and colorful but still with that edginess to it.

Some super memorable riffs and the drumming is killer as vocals lay out the belting melodies and it hints at bands like Iron Maiden but also bands like Rush and others. It's just a really cool mix of tastes all rolled into one gigantic album.

bass lines take songs into different realms and these songs are vivid and imaginative. They are animated and ring out for hours after you stop listening.

Neronia takes a number of amazing rock sub-genres and melts them together to create and build an atmosphere that lasts and holds on to you.

The record is massively cinematic and full of incredibly pleasant surprises left and right.

Take some time with this album especially if you're a fan of real deal rock with hard edges and fun progressive approaches and tons of character.

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