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The Edgy pop sound of Stacey Jackson

The latest single from Stacey Jackson is a vibrant and high energy pop banger that takes on an array of instrumentation that all come together and an edgy and upswing powerhouse that has a radio friendly feel and gets your blood pumping.

"Urgent" is a really catchy tune and really lets Jackson shine as her presence on the tack is right in your face and it really gets your attention from the get-go.

The single blasts off from the opening few seconds and the energy doesn't let up from there at all. The artist has a certain star power to her that makes it feel like you've been hearing her music on the radio for years now.

The track boasts some rock guitars in the background which is what gives it that edginess along with her attitude vocally.

The song actually feels like it's a somewhat personal song and it's coming from an experience in her life which is really cool to hear in such a boisterous pop song like this.

Like many of the heavy hitters these days, the single comes with a small series of remixes and radio edits that take a different approach to the song giving it a dance or retro-pop style which all sound great but being a fan of the original piece, I feel like it has a way of keeping to a more boundless creative field.

A wonderful single from a seasoned performer.

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