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The Donner Party Thrashes with A New Album

An outstanding new album release from The Donner Party hits all kinds of classic and heavy undertones from thrash metal to punk rock and everything in between and if you're a fan of the genre it makes you think of everything from Slayer to Green Jello and this makes the record incredibly fun from beginning to end because it just showcases massive amounts of character as it thrashes out.

The Cutting Class album is a non-stop metal soiree that features all kinds of classic hardcore breakdowns and riffs that are matched by the damn near perfect drumming approach and the animated and fierce vocal style.

The energy level straight from the get-go is absolutely insane and I feel like some of these songs may have even been recorded live on the floor simply because it's like everyone is feeding off of each other in the band and that's what makes it so hardcore the whole time.

Of course, I could be completely wrong about the whole live on-the-floor aspect but either way, it definitely makes you want to see these guys perform live because if the energy on the record is captured this well, then seeing them live must be a real face melter.

The guitar work in general is ridiculous across the board and these guys stop anything in their path but do it with such a gusto that the whole thing hits like a sucker punch to the gut.

This record literally takes some of the best parts of all these different hard and heavy genres and rolls them all up into one record that feels like you've been listening to it for two decades now.

Several tracks stand out as singles to me however I feel like this is an album you should be listening to from beginning to end especially if you're a fan of the genre because there are a lot of different tracks that hit slightly differently but all hard.

You get punk rock crew vocals and mosh pit breakdowns, shreddy guitar solos, and vocals that at times make you think of Mike Patton and old-school Faith No More records.

The whole record is an absolute blast from start to finish and this is why you'll find tons of songs well worth your time and you'll end up having some of these sections just bouncing around in your head for hours after the songs have ended and the only way to satiate that is to go listen to it again which to me is just great songwriting.

If you're like me and have a real love for this kind of thrash metal, then this record is perfect, and you'll find yourself craving it over and over throughout the day just like you did when you used to go to the store and buy a CD or a cassette tape.

You can kind of tell that each of the band members has a little bit of a different influence that they bring to the table, and I think that's why they have all these sub genres kind of rolled up into one big fat record and soundscape, but it works so well for these guys because they do it with a certain grit and approach.

This whole thing is brimming with character from the start and it checks all the boxes, hits all the sweet spots, and gives you more than what you expect from a record of this nature.

They are true to their influences and hit it hard with no remorse.

This is a killer record so make sure you turn it on and turn it up.

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